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Installing a solar (PV) system can be the simplest way for many people to make the switch from fossil fuel dependency to renewable energy responsibility. With solar panel efficiency constantly increasing and prices decreasing, installing a solar system on your home or business is becoming very easy to justify financially - with many systems paying for themselves in 5-7 years. That means nearly 2 decades of free power and the knowledge that you are reducing the drain on our planet.

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Wind turbines take up very little space, can produce incredible amounts of power, and are fantastic to look at. And yet, we realize that the most important factor behind turbine output is the ability for the turbine to harness the wind. That is why we offer a number of different options - both Vertical axis and Horizontal axis. We can match the best turbine for your specific application. Whether roof top or pole mounted, urban or rural application, we can engineer a solution for you.

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Here at Castle Energy, we take a consultative approach to renewable energy. With each project, we consider existing and potential conditions, along with your ultimate goals, in order to create the best solution for your site. In certain environments, solar equipment has advantages over wind equipment. In others, the reverse is true. When we are able to combine both Solar and Wind equipment, we an create a system that produces power day or night, nearly year round - no matter what the climate. 


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