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The choice of solar (PV) power as a renewable energy source delivers many benefits, as this clean energy is efficient, economical, and also aesthetically appealing. Solar electric power, which was once a niche market for remote industrial applications, has grown into a sector of our business that serves both the residential & commercial markets.

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At Castle Energy we realize that the most important factor behind turbine output is the wind. The second is the ability for the turbine to harness that wind. That is why we can offer both Vertical axis and Horizontal axis wind turbines depending on the application. Whether roof or pole mounted, urban or rural application, we can engineer a solution for you.

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At Castle Energy we take a consultative approach to renewable energy. With each project we consider existing and potential conditions in order to match the application with the proper product. When using a combination of Solar and Wind equipment, we an create a system that produces power nearly year round - no matter what the climate.